The curiosity, enthusiasm and creativity of the children at the kindergarten is brought to life in a joyful and secure environment. These young learners immerse themselves in a variety of interesting and explorative scholastic tasks where comprehension is also aided through play.

At the Kindergarten, we focus on developing Cognitive, Socio-Emotional and Language competencies in the children. Kindergarten teachers bring them the experience and deep understanding of the skills and knowledge that needs to be carefully scaffold in these formative years. In their daily engagement with the young learners, teachers establish positive relationships that help them to cater their individual needs and interests.

Our strategy for an effective teaching-learning program pivots around a flexible structure that is fluid in accommodating a variety of in-class and outdoor experiences that are designed around children’s needs. These experiences further helps to build individual confidence in the learners while giving them an ideal platform to participate effectively and build social relationships at school.



Our primary curriculum stresses strongly the conceptual learning of the subjects, as here the skills the students developed in the Early Year Program comes into action.

Each year, as they begin their journey to Primary Grades of III, IV and V, they are introduced to a new curriculum to provide them with advanced learning. In our school, this phase serves as an intermediate phase between the conceptual learning stages to the career-building stage. Everything learned in the primary classes will build the initial ground for the students to work towards their dream. In this crucial phase, every aspect of learning i.e. academics, inculcating values, discipline etc., is closely taken care of. The development during the primary stage of education empowers the comprehensive abilities, enhancing their vision for both personal and academic goals.

We are the best school for your kids. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to give students a clear understanding of the topics that have a vital significance throughout their life. We accomplish this through our innovative teaching methods, focusing on the application of concepts and creating a hands-on experience for students, using learning kits and practical methods.

Middle School



Our middle school students have the space to grow and find themselves in a unique and welcoming environment guided by teachers who particularly enjoy working with this dynamic age group. Each grade has an interdisciplinary team of teachers that support the academic, social, and emotional needs forming strong and trusting relationships with students and families of all students.

The core middle school academic comprises of reading, language, arts, social \ studies, math, science, physical education, health, and other language which include project-based learning to provide real-world experiences that allow students to conceptualize, apply, and reflect new learning.

High School



GFC GLOBAL PUBLIC School follows the syllabus set by the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) New Delhi, from class IX and X. Secondary schooling envisions focused education to channelize and fit the students into the needs of the international demands. This equips every child to proudly say that they are the torchbearers of the future.

GFC GLOBAL PUBLIC School objectives merge with that of the Central Board of Secondary Education. The

leading focus of the Board is on:

  • Bringing innovations in teaching-learning methodologies
  • Devising student friendly paradigm
  • Updating the pedagogical skills of the teachers and administrators regularly by conducting in- service training programs, workshops etc.,


Foundation program: Prepares students to enrich the power of analysis and application skills in competitive exams like NSO, NCO, IMO, IIO, AMTI, NTSE, etc.,

Sports Education: Develops fundamental skills into sports skills for a healthy life

Extra-Curricular: Trains students in Karate, Silambam, YOGA, Chess, carom, etc.,

Higher Secondary School



We believe education should be more than the accumulation of knowledge. Learning at GFC is a process of discovery and transformation through pursuing individual passions and encountering new ways of viewing the world. Flexibility and academic program personalization are the hallmarks of an exemplary Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE) system. Research shows that students learn best when they are connected to the life of their school and to the adults there who guide them.

Every GFC high school student belongs to a small advisory group, and has an advisor who mentors them, helps them track their progress, set goals, discuss and solve learning issues, and build on their capacities to take responsibility for their learning. GFC internship progamme allows students to design their own learning experience by merging their passions with their academics.

If you're looking for a structured environment then GFC is for you. Our commitment is to be the best school possible.

Apply today to see if we are a fit for you and your child.

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